Atmos Industrial

The Atmos Industrial Atmospheric Water Generators have a daily capacity of between 200 to 5000 litres.

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The Atmos Industrial Range is a device that draws in ambient air through an air filter, then an advanced system extracts the water out of the filtered air. The water drops are collected, filtered, purified and sterilized. Finally, pure fresh water is produced good for human consumption.

The Atmos Range is suited for a wide variety of application including:

  • Hospitals, Universities, Schools
  • Commercial and government offices
  • Industrial companies
  • Military field operations
  • Relief organisations

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The Atmos Industrial Range




 200 litres per day


 500 litres per day


 1000 litres per day

Atmos3000  3000 litres per day


 5000 litres per day

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